To the Parents

Creator and son

The Creator

Hello I am Clarissa Ray, creator of Eat Me Nots. I am a graduating Web Design and Interactive Media student at The Art Institute of San Francisco in California. I am very excited to bring my creations to live and share them with the developing young minds of our children. Our children’s innocence and education are of the upmost importance. Eat Me Nots is close to my heart and I hope everyone enjoys Eat Me Nots as much as my niece, my son and I do! Please feel free to write any feedback or comments you would like to share on my Write Me page. I am also available for hire as a logo and web designer.

About Company

Eat Me Nots started as a concept I had for an emoji set titled Desserts with Emotional Surge. While I was designing the emoji set, my 4-year-old son asked me if I was making him a cartoon. I told him I didn’t know how to make a cartoon. He then asked me if I could make them into a computer game for him. I told him I could eventually when I learned how to code a game. As I started to think about what he was saying, I started to brainstorm all of the adorable things I could create with the emoji set as characters. Quickly after developing the characters and their names, I came up with the brand name Eat Me Nots. I thought up the brand name with the idea that the story basis of the characters would be of them helping each other escape from human consumption. During the creative process, my son continued to make requests of how he would like to interact with the Eat Me Nots. This website is dedication to my son Marcus Govan, future video game designer, and all the good memories we share of brainstorming excitedly over the Eat Me Nots.

Company Objective

Eats Me Nots goal is to provide entertaining stimulation for school aged children, Pre-K through 6th grade with interactive educational activities. Activities include; reading short stories, playing problem-solving games, and watching movies that demonstrate friendship building skills. We hope to teach children how to be good friends, good people, and love to learn.